On The Beach

• Revisit your childhood and build sandcastles

• Ship spotting

• Enjoy the feel of the white sands under your feet and relax

• Frolic in the crystal clear waters of Porthcurno

• Enjoy a beautiful swim in the water under the watchful eye of the local lifeguards

• Indulge in a seaside barbecue

• Unwind with seaside games

• Or simply enjoy the view and lay on the beach


No matter the weather there is always tonnes of activities to do in the Porthcurno. Best check local sites for group activities and book in advance to avoid disappointment.

• Surfing

• Snorkelling

• Fishing

• Paddle Boarding

• Deep-sea diving

• Kayaking

• Boat rides

• Long beautiful walks along the coast

Local Sealife

Look Out For Porthcurno's Friendly Neighbourhood Seal!

Porthcurno and Cornwall in general is well known for varied and rich sea life to observe and cherish. Sea safari trips are available from various points near Porthcurno and something one should definitely indulge in for a complete experience of Cornwall.

A quick search for sea life trips in Porthcurno will bring up a list of awarding winning safari organisers for you to pick and choose from. It best booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

A dream come true for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts.

Local Eat-Outs

Cable Station Inn: This very homely inn is only a couple of doors down the road towards the beach from Longships.

Porthcurno Beach Café: This café is just at the start of the footpath down to the beach, past the Cable Station Inn.

Katie’s Cornish Hotspot: This lovely place is within Minack and ideal for a quick bite while out walking.

Logan Rock Inn: This highly recommended pub is located in Treen, St Levan. It’s the perfect stop for a hearty meal after a long coastal walk.

Local Sights

Minack Theatre - A Wonder On It's Own (Around the Corner from Longships)

Minack Theatre: This fabulous place is open all year-round. Shows generally run from May to September and you are better off making a booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Telegraph Museum: The Museum is open on Sunday and Monday all year round and daily from Easter to October 31st. Special activities are usually available for children, also available for sale is a small selection of plants.

Porthcurno Beach: This little piece of paradise is only a stone’s throw away from Longships and can be accessed at any time of the day. One can spend the whole day on the beach fishing, sighting sea life, building sandcastles, and just enjoying the sparkling turquoise waters. Kindly refrain from taking Longships towels and linen to the beach or outside the premises.

Land’s End: Spend the day at England’s most westerly point and enjoy the splendour the region has to offer. Lands’ End has something for everyone with carnivals and long coastal walks to enjoy. Visiting this landmark will be a memory cherished forever.

St Michael’s Mount: Take a walk back in time to this enchanting island and absorb in the history of the area. The island has a lot to offer and the walk across is one of the most exciting during low tide. St Michael’s Mount is another gem that Cornwall has to offer.

Tintagel Castle: This romantic place of legends is a must-go whether you a literature buff or not. Right from King Arthur’s grand statue to Merlin’s mysterious caves this castle is the perfect day out for the whole family.